drugs and psychedelic music

In public opinion, psychedelic music or what is called “psychedelia” (totality of art forms related to psychedelic experience including light shows), is strongly associated with the use of illegal drugs.

Concerning art as a universal expression of all human aspects, this is too narrow a view.

Psychedelia are always just an imitation of certain states of mind. These may well be experienced without the use of drugs. Although, historically, there has been a vivid connection during the Sixties, when musicians started to take LSD or the like in order to expand their consciousnesses – whatever this might have included.

I myself have been completely clean and sober (how boring!) when starting this project and will stay so; although I do not lack experience. But as for the music, that’s not the point.

Meditation seems to be a much better means to achieve deeper states of mind – albeit requiring more effort.

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  1. i agree, meditation takes more work. but i can’t unsubscribe to some of the mind opening affects possible (distant past) through certain psychodelic forms. it’s not all beer and a good time, especially when looking to organic forms. but hey, that’s my ambiguous .02

  2. Jen, my main intention was to make sure psychedelic art is taken seriously. Instead of being screwed-up, it means much the same for me as surrealistic art.
    As for drugs, they’re not all the same – but none of them gives you anything that’s not already been there, however deep within. Being a not so distant past for me, I happily get along without now.
    Your diction has been intriguingly diffused…and funny, too.

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