you name it

This video is the first result of a collaboration between Elspeth Duncan, multimedia artist, and me. We are both posting it simultaneously on our respective blogs. I’d like to thank her for inviting me to take part in this. Her approach to art as well as to everyday life is an inspiration to every human with an open mind. Just go to the link above to see what I mean.

Isn’t it wonderful how the internet enables people to work together who are thousands of miles apart, located on different continents, and raised in different cultures?
I was amazed at how good the video matched the music (or vice versa), and I’d find it interesting to know about your reaction to it. What do you see? Which associations are coming up? And how would you name it?

Thanks for participating.

2 Replies to “you name it”

  1. you two are awesome. i so love that you did this. and the video is perfect with the music. it’s fall, the weather still has a slight chill but not too much…they have angst, those two, but again, not too much.

    ps. and then on a completely linear note it reminded me a bit of burning man, right before the man burns on the last night.

  2. somehow, in my dumbassery i didn’t realize the name it was asking for a title the first time around. i left a few at Elspeths, but then i thought of another:

    The Circle Game.

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