Ismael (1)


Ismael Kamara is an artist from Kongo living in Germany and a friend of mine. Whenever he comes to see me, he brings little pictures showing guitars which he just painted before. And every time he does so, I feel kind of overwhelmed by it. (It’s hard to accept he has done that just for me – maybe a stupid reaction). But then I proudly expose these works in my studio.

In order to thank and honor him, I’d like to show some of these pictures (in several installments) along with further improvisation. Another Link to Ismael’s pictures.

guitar & gear: ’67 Stratocaster, Vox ToneLab SE, Tube Reverb

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  1. Funny how spontaneous giving can make us feel a bit uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s easier to be on the giving end, isn’t it?

  2. That’s right, Kelly! But only who’s able to receive is really able to give, and so I’m going to write this in big letters where it is the first thing I see in the morning…

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