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Hi, everybody,

Welcome to my new home!
Here’s a new/old tune most of you will already know. A real hippie head-banger. Who can tell the name, the band, etc? I re-recorded it just for our mutual fun in four layers of first takes (you know, musicians are always proud of getting things done in first takes – in order to be first to the champagne or the buffet).

To further enhance the sixties’ feeling that is a constitutional matter of this blog, I’d like to share some exciting links I only found today. I was astonished to see that all the stuff I had discovered in my intense sixties-research is there in video! For most people watching facilitates the appreciation of the music.

So, please listen to some inhabitants of my Psychedelic Pantheon:

The Blues Magoos

The Blues Magoos again

The Electric Prunes

The Seeds


If you want to know my favorite out of these, it’s The Electric Prunes. There is an amazing (but kitschy) new artwork video attached to the music, which back then has been recorded without any visuals. Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Yes, I do know that tune. I listened to Iron Butterfly a lot when I was younger. I was a little hippie wannabe, born 10 years too late. The champagne tickles my nose. 🙂 K

  2. dude, i like it here. feels, well, familiar.

    can’t place the song although it sounds like the stones/hendrix/dead whathaveyou. that’s one of the reasons i come to you for this sort of thing, otherwise, i’d be in a corner drooling and rocking to satisfaction. oh, the horrors of that.

  3. In-a-gadda-da-vida!

    Kelly, you’re great. And I’m still a hippie wannabe, albeit with lack of hair. Born maybe five years too late, I designed my whole life to be a compensation of this fact.
    Well, not too much, since nostalgia is futile.
    And there’s an even better album by the Iron Butterfly, called Metamorphosis.

  4. And Jen, of course it feels familiar, as it is your place, too. If you need to know other rock tunes besides satisfaction, I could instantly overload your brains with information.

    This week’s recommendation: a band called “Traffic”, with singer Steve Winwood. Great music!

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