Ismael (2)


Another guitar painted by Ismael Kamara.

And at its side (to the right above) you see the “Shadow of John” watching over us.

The music is a longer piece, showing the qualities of the Vox AC 50 and a special mood I was in on April 29th…

guitar & gear: Gibson Les Paul Special, Vox AC 50, BSM treble booster, Tube Reverb

3 Replies to “Ismael (2)”

  1. I like the clear tone and the slight feedback … or reverb? Whatever you would call that lingering piece of the note.

  2. It’s both feedback and reverb. They mingle in a special way. You’re lucky you were not in the same room with me. I had headphones on as a protection.
    But there’s no such lingering at a low volume…
    Thanks for responding to the music!

  3. Nice longer piece. And Ismael’s art is interesting. These remind me of a large block print I once had in my dining room of a tabla player with his big hands on the tabla. Same colours and much the same feeling.

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