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Somehow what I’m trying to do here is to give examples of how we can look and listen. “Psychedelic” in this respect is just a code for a different way of perceiving, for shifting perspectives and uncovering hidden meaning.

It may be essential for us all to learn how to be present in the moment, and to experience the Now wherever we are. Awareness is a primary value for the future, as it is already now. And it is something we have control over, something we can begin with right now.

Perhaps it doesn’t fit the concept of this blog all too well, and I know it’s not the most important thing to do to state one’s Weltanschauung in front of other people. But I would feel bad if I wouldn’t give it a try, at least for once.

Here come my personal “Eight Commandments”. For sure I’m not holier than thou, but I’m trying to build my life around them, every day anew.

  1. Live in order to respect and protect life in it’s many forms.
  2. Learn how to contain aggression instead of suppressing or falling prey to it.
  3. Believe in /find your life’s purpose – there is one.
  4. Believe in what most people call God. Don’t worry about the name.
  5. Support sustainability. Don’t waste energy and resources.
  6. Be grateful for every little thing you got. You’ll live much happier by that.
  7. Be tolerant instead of dogmatic. There’s more than one truth to the world.
  8. Learn how to think globally instead of just talk and consume globally. This planet is small, precious and vulnerable.

Spreading thoughts like these, and being an example to other people is one of the most powerful means to change the world.

Amen. Thank you.

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