At some rather early point in our lives we were told that shadows aren’t real. Our caretakers wanted to prevent us from unnecessary fears, and raise our sense of reality.
But now we are ready to know that shadows are just another interpretation of reality, only on a different level. Since the alleged “original” picture of an object that we perceive is not the real object itself, either, its shadow is by no means less real than what our eyes tell us to be the object itself.

In case you doubt if there’s real music after you clicked the player, just exercise a little patience, since the building up of these audible shadows takes a few seconds (you may hear some noises like wind in the beginning and in the end).

guitar & gear: Epiphone Les Paul Custom, Vox AC 50, BSM treble booster, DOD wah pedal

2 Replies to “shadows”

  1. I love the pics and the little windy breathing noise. Shadows are an important part of us – the light and dark, yin and yang, balance. Maybe because our shadow selves are not as easily seen or as eagerly embraced as our light side, we fail to understand its dimensions … resulting in fears, doubts, insecurities, etc. How often do we try to close it off or run away from it? If we can look at our shadows as a powerful part of who we are, that would be a great advantage to our empowerment and development.

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