she don’t like roses


It’s the best-known song of an excellent singer/songwriter and an excellent blogger, too: Christine Kane. It inspired me to contradict in sympathy: how can anyone dislike this beauty?

But I understood the meaning of the song’s title. She is not a woman like a woman is expected to be. She has her own mind. And that’s why I love this song.

Dear Christine,

I hope you don’t mind me doing this – it’s completely non-commercial. This song was an inspiration, and that’s true also for many other songs you wrote and performed. I know I forgot some bars in the chorus. I had to record this within a few minutes, but I also think it doesn’t make much difference on an instrumental. I omitted the bridge, but I will never forget the words of that part:

And if all your dreams come true/do your memories still end up haunting you/is there such a thing as really breaking through/to another day and a lighter shade of blue?

Thank you, Gary

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5 Replies to “she don’t like roses”

  1. I also don’t like roses. I like wild roses, but not the too picture-perfect things that breeders have created through years of cross-breeding in their gardens and greenhouses. I don’t like their smell, either. I didn’t know I was of the same mind as Christine Kane. Thank you for the tune.

  2. I agree with Kelly. I don;t really like roses for similar reasons. If someone was giving me flowers I would rather get handpicked wild ones – daisies, etc. But the smell of a rose is okay. Reminds me of tea leaves. Nice soundtrack.

  3. Women, go ahead and confess! Many of you don’t seem to like roses, so what’s the use of presenting some to you?
    I think it’s a strong symbol, loaded with traditional connotations, and it’s only natural there’s an aversion developing among those having problems with the traditional female role.
    The woman in the song also doesn’t like champagne.
    What about this?

  4. So, I usually don’t comment here, on my husband’s blog because I can talk to him in person all the time, but, well, I love roses. They really are my favorite kind of flowers. And champagne! I love champagne too! Also Christine Kane’s song, and Gary’s take on it.

    I do have a problem with the “traditional female role”, though.

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