belated holiday impressions

These are some pictures taken on our family holiday in a German area called “Franken”, which is not far from our home. As this dates back to mid August, these are belated impressions.

After a week away, I began those recordings I told you about. Most of them went so well, I would never have expected this some weeks before. In the beginning I was quite uncertain about the use of recording ideas (jotted down on paper) whose date of origin is 2006. Is there a “best before…?

As soon as the first files gathered in my computer, one thing was clear: it didn’t matter at all. I simply went on from that point, until it was done. Only basic tracks, though…

It’s enough for at least a year’s work of selecting, cutting and overdubbing. Most of the recordings are not meant as blog posts, but why not post them anyway? Let’s talk about it later… My main concern for the near future will be finding a drummer to complete the sessions, maybe a singer for some of the material. Besides these songs-to-be there are some recordings I will post much sooner to preserve their spontaneity instead of trying to turn them into something “elaborate”.

By the way, those holidays were great!

still alive!

For several days was unavailable, due to server problems. I apologize for that.

Though I’ve posted very little lately, this blog is still alive. Most of you will agree it takes some time and a number of steps until a blog post of the kind you see here can be published. What you couldn’t see nor guess is that in the meantime I’ve been recording like crazy. A stock of recordings has accumulated that still need a little elaboration. Not only have I made some drafts for new blog posts, but nearly every musical idea I had jotted down over the past two or three years now exists as an audio file in my computer. Phew.

Until new posts will be ready, I’ll put up some photos of our lovely summer break in Germany, coming soon…