the process

You are listening to one single electric guitar improvising. Sporadically, I might put up more complex pieces with several instruments on it. This will imply a more composed musical style.
Mostly though, the music on “Psychedelic Zen Guitar” is just a spontaneous comment on the day and may vary on a large scale, spanning from meditative to edgy. As it’s always hand-made, it’s not perfect. I myself have come to love imperfection in many cases. It’s part of the improvisational concept.

For those particularly interested I list the guitars and effects being used. My recording equipment consists of a Mackie Onyx mixing console with a Firewire interface, Logic Audio Pro 7 software on an iMac.

My amplifiers are: 2007 Vox AC 15 (50th Anniversary), 1965 (!!!) Vox AC 50, 1967 (!!) Vox AC 30 and a TAD Fender Champ clone. I am a Vox man, and I did some mods, too.

My effects (among others) are: a new Fender ’63 Tube Reverb, GP Lightstone Tube Trem, Electro Harmonix “The Wiggler” and “Big Muff”, TS 808 Tube Screamer, Z.Vex Box Of Rock, BSM treble booster, Cry Baby Classic Wah, Moogerfooger Analog Delay, Moogerfooger Phaser, 1970s Roland Space Echo. I don’t need a chorus. All effects are analog.

I use old school miking methods instead of direct recording. Each microphone and the Tube Reverb are recorded on separate tracks that are finally merged into a stereo mix.

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