Though, concerning my date of birth, I missed only a few days of the sixties, I discovered my passion for this decades’ music only much later.

I love widely differing styles of music, including Rock’n’Roll, Jazz, Classical and Contemporary Classical Music, South American and Caribbean rhythms, and it may be rather experimental to satisfy my listening needs. In particular Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew had a strong impact on me.

But sixties’ psychedelia is kind of the ultimate goal where all my former influences are converging, and I’m still on an adventurous journey, discovering rather unknown bands and studying their styles.
In my recent attempts to bring it all together by creating my own music, I have decided to be a one-man-band, mostly, and to strictly follow my vision.

Improvising solos gives me maximum flexibility and liberates me from – as I sometimes feel – restricting chord changes and bar structures. Though I still don’t know how to label my music (maybe “Baroque Free Style Hippie Rock Improvisation”), I enjoy playing more than ever. Hope you get the vibes!

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