the psychedelic zen guitar story

1) Some years ago I read a book named „Zen Guitar“, which impressed me by approaching music, learning and playing in an Eastern way of thinking, and going beyond all the usual exercise and technique books on the market. But it’s not merely a guitar book.
„Zen Guitar“ is a vessel allowing for any content – in the end it’s about life itself. You may read it and use it even if you don’t play any music at all.

2) I have always been intrigued by old fashioned, even obsolete electric guitar sounds – especially of the psychedelic era, which lasted from about 1966 to 1968. Over the last years I’ve been cheerfully experimenting with different guitars and gear, like tube amplifiers, phaser, tape echo and tremolo.

Since I recently have wanted to work on something less complex, I simply put 2) and 1) together. Filling the vessel with the sounds and the music I love, I hoped it would feel and develop naturally.

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  1. Not sure if my first comment got through the mighty spam filter, so I logged into my blog and figured I’d try again. I too am a big fan of the “Zen Guitar” book by Philip Toshio Sudo. Glad to see it has inspired yet another odd and interesting guitarist.

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