Nobody is responsible/Niemand ist verantwortlich


This is the first solo guitar feature of the album; a Les Paul, a Cry Baby Classic Wah, and the Vox AC 50 – that’s what the solo sound is made of. My Tobias four string bass provides the basis of a Hendrixian groove. The measure is 8/4 with an accent on the count of “3”.

The tune is completed by organ and driving drums. Its mood reminded me of my own angriness at people who don’t care – hence the title. Sometimes the Wah wah guitar seems to talk – sometimes one might discern furious words and phrases…

2 Replies to “Nobody is responsible/Niemand ist verantwortlich”

  1. This one transports me to a little underground bar in a big city, with old men sitting in the corner, some young hippie-like people dancing up front, dim lighting, pleasant vibe.

  2. Hi,

    I find your music incredible. I am going through all the posts since the blog started and i must say ‘WOW’.
    I can even say that your stuff achieves the purpose much better than Porcupine Tree, as far as psychedelia is concerned. I never liked their music anyway.

    And talking about psychedelia and surrealism, please check out my blog. I like writing poems.
    Do you have a band or any recorded stuff as a whole song?

    I am thinking about the prospect of musical poetry i.e., poetry read in a slight tune or tone infused with psychedelic musical like yours as the facade and canvas.
    Do you think that might work? To achieve that, i have started learning the guitar seriously….but don’t know whether it will achieve the purpose.


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