Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you: Rufus. He is my favorite tree. I know him since I was a child, he knows me, and I know there’s magic to him. Never have I met such an elephant- (or moose-) like vegetable creature in any other place than his, and his place is rather close to my home. So we meet regularly, I hug him, and we exchange opinions.

Near the end of the soundtrack you are being invited to join me and all the other creatures who adore Rufus and dance around the trunk together.

guitar & gear: Gibson EB-3 bass guitar, SWR SM 400 amplifier, tube reverb

6 Replies to “rufus”

  1. Rufus reminds me of a tree I once knew. He was an ironwood tree and I called him Raphael. We had many long talks. I was nine.

  2. It’s strange, I can hear the music without any problem. Also it’s not too soft. Maybe if you are using small built-in speakers in your computers or laptops, low frequencies are suppressed, and so the beginning is close to inaudible. It’s a bass solo. But it should become louder at least near the end!
    Can you turn it up?
    Or can you connect it to your stereo?
    If not, let me know. Maybe I should do a new mix.

  3. I just put a new mix here. But the beginning is soft anyway, so please take the time to let it unfold a bit!

  4. Yes it gets a bit louder, but you’re right – maybe it’s the frequencies suppressed in the smaller speakers of the laptop.

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