Would it be possible to improvise on just one and the same note? That’s a challenge I imposed on myself one day. Like in meditation, sometimes it’s good to restrict your field of action. When actually trying it, I found out it would be better to add the octave. Is an octave a different note?

I don’t know. But to be one with yourself like this tree, amidst all weathers and despite the loss of some branches – that’s a virtue.

guitar & gear: ’67 Stratocaster, Vox ToneLab SE, Tube Trem

3 Replies to “oneness”

  1. I love this one – and the concept behind it. A good message. What note is it? I think the octave is just a different expression of the same note.

  2. The one and only note here is a “b”, an open guitar string doubled by the same “b” on a different string and the octave, yet on another string. Three different expressions of the same note.
    The message here goes out to myself in the first place, but anyone may pick it up…

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