Would any color be as striking if presented on its own, without the help of a contrasting color? (This could be seen as applying to other issues as well…).

When listening, there is an awfully mistuned chord (about 12 seconds into the tune) we have to accept as the price of improvisation – grumble… Coming soon: a reflection on “embracing mistakes”.

guitar & gear: Epiphone Les Paul Custom, Vox AC 15 Heritage, Tube Reverb

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  1. No, it’s a variety of a flower I found as “rose of Sharon” in my dictionary.
    Embracing mistakes is the best remedy for perfectionism.
    Perfectionism is a wide-spread destructive mechanism, often wrongly perceived by those involved as an attempt to make things better – leading to little more than inhibitions within themselves and others. So, let’s get rid of perfectionism!

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