radiate red


guitar & gear: Gibson Les Paul Special, coming in two tracks; Vox ToneLab, Tube Reverb

6 thoughts on “radiate red

  1. psy-curious

    This is great! … and to my mind, one of the most psychedelic pieces you’ve posted…. what scale are you using on the lead part? its very “Dark Star”-like 🙂

  2. Gary Post author

    The lead part is more or less B mixolydian (b, c#,d#, e, f#, g#, a), played in an indian kind of one-string (and mostly one-finger-) style. It’s a tribute to “my” India.
    Tube distortion and the setting of the bridge pickup also contribute to the sustained sound. Thank you for being curious enough to ask, and for appreciating psychedelic music!

  3. david

    voll gut mann!

    schreib mir dochmal ne mail, würde gern mehr von deinem sound hören. evntl. inspirationen für ein aktuelles bandprojekt das ich grad starte.

  4. Django

    Absolutely beautiful. Unearthly. What recording equipment and amp were you using out of interest?

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