clouds (2)


This music in 6/8 + 7/8 odd meter is additionally intended as an hommage to Carlos Santana, one of my all-time-favorite guitar players. Whoever heard what Senor Carlos did in the early Seventies (the jazzrockydevadip-phase) will feel reminded. Ethereal.

guitar & gear: Epiphone Les Paul Custom, Vox AC 15 Heritage, Tube Reverb, Big Muff

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  1. I really dig what you’re doing here. I subscribed to your podcast and have been listening to all the tracks. I think we have a lot in common actually. I too was really inspired by Phil’s book and I actually manage the Zen Guitar Forums and mySpace profile for the book. I never got to meet Phil unfortunately, but I have corresponded with his wife Tracy as well as John Prusinki (the Zen Guitar site manager) and Tobias Hurwitz who co-authored the second book… all great people.

    Anyway, great job and very inspiring approach. I’d love to see you on the forums and share some thoughts with you sometime. (zenguitarforum dot com).

    Happy holidays to you and your family,
    Clif (aka Echo Root)

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