robot’s dream


For this post I had a new illustrator signed, who much to my satisfaction translates my ideas into pictures. Despite the fact he is only five years old (erm 5 1/2, I am to say), it shows my son can readily paint the psychedelic way (maybe it helps listening to psychedelic music with his father very often), and it shows no mind-manipulating substances of any kind are needed…

So it’s your turn now to guess what this dream’s about! (Amongst humans it’s not a wide-spread knowledge that robots have a very vivid emotional life, but children still know…)

guitar & gear: Fender Jaguar, Fender Tweed Champ, Roland Space Echo

mikes: Electro Voice RE-20, Neumann KMS 105

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  1. Ha, very cute drawing. The guitar somehow matches it. I say he is dreaming in French. The French word for ‘the’ (le) is in his thought bubble. He is thinking about le ciel (the sky) and wishing/dreaming he could fly because the other robot he loves is far away and he wants to get there without having to walk because the bolts in his knees are rusty. So in the drawing he’s sticking his arms out and flapping, about to take off in his dreams.

  2. Ha, thank you so much – it explains it all. I have been wondering about these letters, but now I know! My son will love your interpretation…

  3. Looking at the image again. Funny how the robots nose looks like a socket – and the thought bubble above his head looks like a lightbulb. Maybe he plugs his lightbulb into his nose.

  4. Dear Elspeth, my son told me to answer like this: The robot is really flying now (not only dreaming). A magic cloud has appeared, lubricating the bolts in his knees!
    You were absolutely right about “le ciel”, and of course this is a light bulb above his head which he plugs into his nose every time he awakes in the middle of the night.

  5. My six year old son is very smart. He believes this robot is trying to suck up a cloud so it can a glass of water. Maybe he’s thirsty?

  6. My son insists this robot can fly, so he can drink up there amidst the clouds… Funny, how this drawing allows for interpretation!
    Thank you, and say hello to your son from us.

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