cherry blossom


What a splendid season! Short-lived, as it is some melancholic undertones creep in, but the overall image is pure beauty…

guitar & gear: Fender Jaguar, 1967 Vox AC 30 (brilliant channel), BSM treble booster (model DM-T), Tube Reverb

mikes: Electro Voice RE-20, Neumann KMS 105

2 thoughts on “cherry blossom

  1. Elspeth

    Spring is lovely. Having 4 seasons is exciting. We have two. Our Mother Nature has less options in her wardrobe.

  2. Gary Post author

    The notion of a wardrobe appeals to me. Spring owes its fascination to a preceding season that is sometimes rather depressing, though.
    And there is an effect called “spring reverb” on all the tunes of this blog. That’s how much I love spring.

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