water lily


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  1. Now looking at your site – after the comment on my blog. I love how you have the music as ‘explanations or ‘expressions’ for each photo. Does the photo inspire the music or the other way around?

  2. Thank you for coming over, Elspeth.

    Well, it depends. I’m usually recording and taking the pictures independently, only bringing them together afterwards. It’s a matter of intuition, or, as you’d put it, the “Wow”-moment. And it’s not always easily done.

    But for the peony-photo, which startled me by being luminous like crazy, I had to find something completely new, since there seemed to be nothing that fitted.
    So I went and kind of composed a piece around it.

  3. I find your photography to be awesomely beautiful.
    I wonder what camera you are using?
    The water lilies are mesmerizing…
    and the music just draws me in
    to the quiet water, the floating zebra like leaves, the colors, spiky flower petals…
    thank you for sharing your wonderful art

  4. Lynn, all I do is use a mid-price Panasonic digital camera. What matters is light, display window, and your vision. Anyone can do that.
    But nonetheless – thank you very much for the compliment. In order to return it, I must say your description above is more poetic than my music and pictures are to me.
    With a slight touch of embarrassment I must admit that the photo you liked best was taken by my wife in a botanical garden.

  5. Gary I am laughing…well my compliments to your wife for the wonderful photo and to you for the music!
    And thanks for your comment on my comment! 🙂 Kelly sent me back to you to get it.

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