Ismael (2)


Another guitar painted by Ismael Kamara.

And at its side (to the right above) you see the “Shadow of John” watching over us.

The music is a longer piece, showing the qualities of the Vox AC 50 and a special mood I was in on April 29th…

guitar & gear: Gibson Les Paul Special, Vox AC 50, BSM treble booster, Tube Reverb

profundity & fathoming out

profundity [audio:profundity.mp3]

fathoming out [audio:fathoming.mp3]

These two forming a twin entity, you are being invited to enter a door or an entrance to see what’s behind. Thereafter feel the deepness, or measure the unmeasurable like I did by bending my guitar strings more than I ever did before…

guitar & gear: Epiphone Les Paul with Haeussel pickups, Vox AC 50, BSM treble booster, Tube Reverb



Since I didn’t want to even remotely rival Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption” (a famous rock guitar instrumental – check it out!), I approached Charlie Parker by calling this similar to “Anthropology” and “Ornithology”.

Ouch – wrong again. Ahem. I guess this is simply “Volcanology”, and doesn’t rival anything… It’s a fade-in-tune, so please take a few moments for it to reach its full volume.

64$ question: what does the picture below actually show? (hint: it’s just a detail from a photo I posted here before).

guitar & gear: Epiphone Les Paul with Haeussel Pickups, Vox AC 50, DOD wah pedal, BSM treble booster

rainy day


Sorry if your weather doesn’t match this. Where I live, it does. And it’s beautiful if you take a close look.

guitar & gear: ’67 stratocaster, Vox ToneLab SE, Tube Trem



This little improvisation on an instrument I actually am no master of made me feel “longing for the sea”. Or, as one might put it, “long time no sea” – which is true for me, living in southern Germany far from all oceans. On my search for an illustration I stumbled over an old photograph, taken in Brazil many years ago on a two month’s trip with my wife.

There’s something written on the picture in Portuguese: subir. When I thought of it’s meaning, I suddenly felt it all become much more intense and heading for what I hoped to convey. “Subir” is “ascend”. Look, listen, and feel sense and direction in it.

guitar & gear: no guitar, since it’s kind of a mandolin that looks like an electric guitar. Naturally my son’s favorite tool for his playing the guitar hero – which of course he copied from me.



musically spoken, lydian is a mode
emotionally spoken, lydian is a mood

guitar & gear: ’67 stratocaster, ’65 VOX AC 50, BSM treblebooster



guitar & gear: Gibson Les Paul Special, Gerd Schulte Phaser, Vox ToneLab SE